How To Prepare For Winter Camping

If you plan to explore and experience new things this year, there’s no better place to start than a spot of winter camping.

It might be cold, damp and muddy, but it’s also quiet, peaceful, and the frost-flecked landscape is beautiful to behold. Here are our top tips on how to prepare your tent for your winter trip and stay warm and cosy when you’re sleeping.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

People tend to think that bigger tents are more comfortable because they have more space to sleep in. But whilst that may be the true for summer camping, it certainly isn’t the case if you’re camping out in colder weather.

Smaller tents have less space to heat up, so they retain heat far more effectively. By keeping heat closer to your body, they help to keep you warm and toasty.

Our Bracken 2 Person Tent is a top choice for winter camping. It has a double-wall design for superior insulation and a storage area at the front, so you can keep your smelly, muddy boots separate from your bedroom.

Cover Up Your Tent

If you’re camping in the winter, prepare yourself for some rainy days and very frosty mornings. The Bracken has a Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm and should provide sufficient rain protection, but there’s no accounting for frost.

If there’s a build-up on the flysheet of your tent, there’s always a risk of condensation. And condensation equates to damp.

Even the hardiest of tents aren’t immune from this bugbear of winter camping which is why it pays to cover your tent in a waterproof tarp. Not only will it protect your tent from frost, but it will provide a welcome layer of insulation.

Insulate The Ground

Camping mats don’t just provide you with a comfortable sleeping surface; they also prevent you losing valuable body heat. The thicker the sleeping mat, the better the insulation, so if you’re thinking of packing light, think again.

Sure, our 10cm thick camping mat is clunky to carry, but you won’t be complaining when you’re lying in your sleeping bag with a hot cup of cocoa at night.

As well as being extra-thick for superior insulation, its self-inflating for a simple set-up and features an expanding memory foam interior for ultimate comfort.

Buy The Right Sleeping Bag

Don’t even think of going cold weather camping without a snug sleeping bag; unless, of course, you’re happy to wake-up with icicles hanging from your nostrils.

Designed with a hood to keep your head, neck and shoulder snug, the Alpine is the warmest sleeping bag in our collection. Its insulated hollowfibre filling is designed to provide optimum warmth, even if the temperature drops to 0°C.

For an extra bit of warmth, make sure you wear a pair of thermal socks and undergarments to bed. If the temperature drops below -5°C, you’ll thank us for it in the morning.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and it’s helped you prepare for your winter camping trip.

If you’re wondering what other equipment to take with you, check out our guide to essential things you need for camping. You can also browse our full range of products by visiting our website.

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