Halloween Camping Tips


Combining a camping trip with Halloween provides lots of fun for kids whilst giving them the chance to surround themselves with nature.

From creepy campfire stories to scary shadow creatures, here are our top tips on how to make your camping trip a spooktacular event.

Spooky Stories 

Telling ghost stories around the campfire is extra fun at Halloween.

Forget about telling them during the day. Wait until the sun to go down, so the trees cast scary shadows over your campsite and create a spooky ambience.

A top tip is to start telling a ghost story when everyone least expects it. Gather everyone around the campfire, wait until they feel relaxed and then launch into a story unannounced.

If you pretend the story took place at your campsite, it’s sure to give them the heebie-jeebies.

Frightening Food

Cooking can be quite daunting when you’re camping, but not when it’s this fun.

Whether you like frankfurters or veggie sausages, hot dogs are super-easy to cook on a portable camping stove. They also bear a close resemblance to dismembered fingers.

Simply scrape the tip off each sausage to create a fingernail. Once you’ve cooked them up, serve them in hot dog buns with dollops of bloody ketchup.

You can also bake some creepy cupcakes at home and take them with you to eat around the campfire.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Although they’re frighteningly fun to make, Jack O’ Lanterns tend to cause an awful lot of mess.

As well as entertaining the kids, making them outside means you don’t have to worry about clearing up. Pumpkins are biodegradable so the only thing you’ll need to clean are your fingers.

Once you’ve made your Jack O’ Lanterns, you can place candles inside them to create an eerie ambience when you’re telling your campfire stories.

Shadow Creatures

Creating spooky shadow creatures is also an exciting activity for kids.

Simply get some black card and cut out spooky silhouettes of witches, spiders and ghosts.

During the day, take the kids out hunting for sticks to glue the shadow creatures onto. This is a fun way to encourage them to explore the great outdoors.

At night, they can hold them up to the light of the campfire and cast scary shadows onto the surrounding area.

Safe Haven 

Last but not least, create a safe haven inside your tent to escape from those nasty ghosts and ghoulies.

Zip the front of your tent up tight and make the bedrooms extra cosy with a comfy camping mat and snug sleeping bag. Oh, and don’t forget to take some pillows with you.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and have lots of fun on your Halloween camping trip.

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