Everything there is to know about the Comfort Quest Air Bed

When camping, you may want to be away from the real world, surrounded by nature. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little bit of luxury with you. Our Comfort Quest Air Bed are an essential for a great night’s sleep. If you have recently purchased an air bed, this log post will provide you with top tips for inflating and caring for your air bed.

Trail Comfort Quest Inflatable Air Bed

How to inflate? 

It is recommended to inflate the bed using a inflation device, these are the different pumps which can be used.

We recommend the Bestway Sidewinder Electric Inflation Air Pump. Once you have decided on the pump you will use follow the below steps.

  1. Lay the air bed out flat where you would like the bed set up.
  2. Remove the cap from the valve ensuring the main valve is tightly in place.
  3. Select the right adaptor on your pump which fits the air bed.
  4. If required plug the electric pump into your electricity source.
  5. Place the adaptor firmly in the open valve.
  6. Turn the pump on or start pressing down on the foot or hand pump to inflate the bed.
  7. Once the bed is fully inflated, remove the pump adaptor and close the cap.
    Trail Bestway Sidewinder Electric Airbed Pump

How to deflate?

  1. No pump or adaptor is required to deflate the bed.
  2. Remove the whole valve (not just the cap). Air should flow out quickly.
  3. When the air bed is 90% deflated, fold the air bed to remove the remainder of the air.
  4. Once folded up small, re-attach the valve.
    Trail Comfort Quest Inflatable Air Bed

Why do I need to top my air bed up? 

During the first few uses it is common for air beds to need topping up to retain firmness. This is due to the material from which all air beds are made stretching slightly. This is not necessarily due to leaking. After the first few uses your air bed should retain firmness.

Changes in air temperature can also affect the firmness of air beds. Cold temperatures cause the air inside the mattress to condense, as it is naturally cooler at night, we suggest topping up the mattress before you go to bed.

How should I store my air bed?

After you’ve deflated your bed, simply roll it back up and store it in its box or bag. Keep the box in a safe spot where it will stay protected from extreme heat, cold and water. Make sure you keep all sharp objects away from your air beds as sharp objects can puncture the air mattress and ruin it.

Trail Comfort Quest Inflatable Air Bed

What if I have a problem? 

If you run into any defects within the first year, simply contact us and we will be happy to replace your air bed.

Trail Comfort Quest Inflatable Air Bed

Follow all of our recommended steps to make sure to have the best air bed for you that will remain functional years to come.

If you haven’t purchased one of our air beds, why not have a look at our full range here



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