Essential Things You Need For Camping

Ah, camping. Nothing beats the sound of a cascading river, the sight of a wild deer, or the smell of a campfire as you lie back and gaze at the stars. But while we all love camping, it’s no fun if you can’t pitch your tent, cook a meal or get a good night’s sleep.

To ensure you don’t get caught short when you’re camping, our experts have compiled a list of the essential things you need to take. It’s perfect for planning your camping trip.

Camping Essentials

Tent: For comfort, we recommend choosing a tent with a wider berth than the number of people camping. So, if two of you are camping, choose a tent that sleeps three or more people.

Poles: Without poles, you won’t be able to pitch your tent. Using branches in place of poles is a definite no-no, unless you’re okay with your tent collapsing every ten minutes.

Pegs: We always tale a spare set of tent pegs when we go camping, just in case we bend any. Trust us, a bent tent peg’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Guyropes: Like pegs, guyropes are essential for keeping your tent secure, especially in windy weather. They’re a pain to sort out if they get tangled, so always carry spares.

Mallet: If you want your tent to stay secure, it needs to be well-grounded. Hammering tent pegs with a boot doesn’t cut it. For best results, you’ll need to use a good, solid mallet.

Sleeping Mat: Unless you want to do your back a mischief, you’ll need to invest in a sleeping mat. As a general rule, the thicker the mat, the comfier it is to sleep on.

Self Inflating Camping Mat

Sleeping Bag: Sleeping bags are essential for a sound night’s sleep. Envelope sleeping bags are great for the summer, whilst mummy sleeping bags are ideal for colder weather.

Pillow: Without a pillow, you’ll wake up in the morning like a bear with a sore head. If you don’t have enough space to take a pillow with you, take a pillowcase and fill it up with clothes.

Camping Chair: So, you want to sit outside to eat your breakfast in the morning, but you don’t want to sit on damp, dewy grass? A portable camping chair is the perfect solution.

Trail Deluxe Camping Chair

Torch: How else will you find a toilet in the early hours of the morning? Plus, if you’ve taken a trip to the local, you’ll need a torch to find your way back to your tent at night.

Gas Stove & Canisters: Eating a good, hearty meal is the best way to keep your strength up when you’re camping. In order to cook it, you’ll need a portable gas stove and canisters.

Pots & Pans: And unless you want to cook your sausages on sticks, you’ll need some portable pots and pans to cook with. One for frying and one for boiling should suffice.

Tableware & Cutlery: Have you ever tried eating cous-cous with your hands or picking up a boiling hot rasher of bacon with your fingers? We have, and we have the scars to prove it.

Camping Accessories

Matches: Ray Mears might be able to rub two sticks together, but not all of us were members of the Girl Guides or Boy Scouts. Matches allow you to start a campfire in seconds.

First Aid Kit: Accidents are more likely to happen when you’re camping so make sure you carry a first aid kit with bandages, plasters, antiseptic cream and other essentials.

Bin Bags: Every camper should take a bin bag to collect their litter. If possible, use one bag for tins and plastics and one bag for cardboard and glass. That way, you can recycle it after.

Toilet Roll: Yes, you could use leaves to wipe your backside, but they’re not very strong and there’s a chance they could be poisonous. Is it really worth the risk?

Tin & Bottle Opener: Tinned food is perfect for camping because you don’t need a fridge to store it. You will need a tin opener, though. And a bottle opener is a must for beer and wine!

Water Carrier: Fetching water is tiring work when you’re camping, especially if the nearest water source is a fair old walk away. A water carrier will save you lots of trips back and forth.

Trail Folding Camping Cart

Camping Extras

Wind Break: Though not essential, windbreaks are great for camping. As well as shielding your gas stove from the wind, they’re perfect for creating a more private camping space.

Gazebo: If your tent doesn’t have the space to sit down, socialise and enjoy a meal, why not use a gazebo instead? They’re the social hub of a campsite and great for rainy days.

Sun Lounger: Sun worshippers rejoice! We stock loungers that fold into a compact size to easily carry on camping trips. They’re ideal for chilling out and soaking up the sunshine.

Portable BBQ: We love throwing a BBQ when we’re camping. Nowadays, you can pick up barbecues that fold into a tiny size and won’t weigh you down when you’re camping.

Volkswagon Windbreak

We hope you have found this list of camping essentials useful, if you’re new to camping we suggest you read our blog post of common camping mistakes to avoid, to give you the best chance of a fantastic adventure. Visit today to stock up on all your camping essentials.

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