Common Camping Mistakes To Avoid

From cramped tents to dodgy locations, there are all sorts of perils and pitfalls to consider before you go camping. To ensure you’re ready for everything the great outdoors has to throw at you, we’ve asked our experts at Trail to provide a list of common camping mistakes to avoid. By heeding our advice, we’re sure you’ll have an adventure to remember, rather than a nightmare to forget.

Here are our Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid

Common Camping Mistakes 1

“Choosing the wrong tent size” from Holly our Buying Assistant

You can’t always trust a tent’s sleeping capacity. Despite what they say, most tents can become very cramped, very quickly – especially once you’ve unpacked all of your equipment. Holly recommends choosing a tent with a larger capacity. That way, you’ll have more space to sleep in. For example, if two of you are going camping, choose a tent that sleeps three or more people.

Common Camping Mistakes 2

“Pitch Your Tent Beforehand” from Dave our Online Content Editor

Practise makes perfect. Avoid making the same mistake Dave made by pitching your tent at home before you go camping. Learning how to pitch your tent will allow you to set it up quicker when you get to a campsite. It will also help you to identify whether it’s faulty or any parts are missing.

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Common Camping Mistakes 3

“Research Your Location” from Jasmin our Online Marketing Assistant

Always find out what facilities are available at a campsite. If there are facilities that aren’t available, you’ll be able to pack any extras you need to compensate. Read online reviews so you know what to expect and don’t be afraid to ask the owner about the facilities and location.

Common Camping Mistakes 4

“Pitching In The Best Spot” from Rachel our Digital Marketing Executive

Never arrive late at a campsite, especially during peak season. Arriving late often means you’re left with the worst place to pitch. No one wants to be by the toilets or at the bottom of the hill – especially when it’s raining. It’s also hard to pitch your tent in the dark. Pitching right next to a river is also a no, no. Trust us, they’re a prime location for mosquitoes and midges.

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Common Camping Mistakes 5

“Be prepared for every weather eventuality” from Rachel our Digital Marketing Executive

Make sure you bring clothing for all weather conditions. There’s nothing worse than leaving your coat at home because the forecast is sunny, only to find it’s raining by the time you pitch your tent. If you get caught in the rain, make sure you have spare clothes to change into. After all, it’s hard to fashion a pair of pants out of twigs and bracken.

Common Camping Mistakes 6

“Relying on a campfire” from Dave our Online Content Editor

Is there anything more romantic than a campfire? Although they’re lovely to sit around, they’re a real pain to cook on. That’s why we recommend using a gas stove for cooking. Unlike a campfire, they’re easy to get going, quick to cook on, and there’s no danger of eating ash.

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Common Camping Mistakes 7

“Cooking Inside Your Tent” from Jasmine our Online Marketing Assistant

Using a gas stove inside a tent is a very bad idea. Although most tents say they’re fire-retardant, that doesn’t mean they’re fireproof. Not only that, but all gas powered items need plenty of ventilation to stop them producing carbon monoxide. Consider using open shelters, like a gazebo or a tent porch when cooking. Or better yet, cook your meals outside.

Common Camping Mistakes 8

“Forgetting To Take Entertainment” from everyone at Trail

You’ve planned a weekend of beach activities and romantic walks but the weather is non-stop raining… Make sure you’re prepared by packing board games and entertainment for the whole camping gang. View our sister brand ToyStar for rainy day board games and entertainment.

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