Camping In Your Own Back Garden

If you can’t take your family camping, why not take the campsite to your garden

Sure, it may not be the adventure you were hoping for, but as long you’re spending the night outdoors, it’s guaranteed to excite the kids. Camping in your garden also has some major advantages, such as a working toilet on your doorstep, instead of the nearest bush or tree.

Trail looks at how to make your garden camp out an adventure to remember. Trust us, you’ll have so much fun as a family, you’ll want to do it time and time again.

First Things First

One of the best things about camping in your garden is that you don’t have to carry a shedload of equipment. All you really need is a tent, some sleeping bags and a couple of camping mats.

Even if you own a family tent, like the Trail Hartland, you may find a couple of pop-up tents are better for camping in your garden. Because they’re smaller, they take up less space on your lawn, giving you more room to play games and build a campfire in the evening.


Cooking on a camping stove usually consists of tipping everything into a pot, mixing it together and hoping for the best. It’s a hit and miss affair with far less hits than misses.

The beauty of cooking in your garden is that you can fire up the barbecue and cook up a feast of truly epic proportions. At the end of the day, you’re still cooking outdoors, so it’s not as if you’re cheating. Plus, all that barbecued food is guaranteed to be a winner.

Campsite Capers

Catch, tag, rounders – there are all sorts of games you can play to entertain the kids. They’re not just great for keeping them active, but for keeping you active too.

One of our favourite camping games is Campsite Triathlon. You can easily play it in your garden using two large stones, five tins of food, and five long sticks or branches.

Here’s how to play:

  • Place the sticks flat on the ground, about one metre apart.
  • Place the tins on the ground, about one metre apart.
  • Place a stone in the centre of your lawn, or at the back of your lawn if you have a smaller garden.
  • Each contestant takes turns completing all three stages of the Campsite Triathlon.
  1. First, the contestant must jump over each of the sticks 5 times.
  2. Second, the contestant must run in and out of the tins 5 times.
  3. Finally, from three or four metres away, the contestant must hit the stone in the centre of the garden by throwing the other stone towards it.
  • Whoever completes all three stages in the fastest time wins.

Our camping trolley is great for gardening. You can use it to collect leaves, weeds and transport soil around your garden. If you’re playing Campsite Triathlon, why not throw a bouncy ball into the camping trolley instead of throwing stones? It’s a lot more fun!

Build A Firepit

Nothing captures the essence of camping like a good old-fashioned campfire. Once the sun begins to set, a campfire quickly becomes the main hub of your campsite.

Before you start a campfire, you need to build a firepit. Simply dig a round shallow pit and surround it with rocks or bricks to contain the fire and stop it spreading. Gather some firewood and kindling, place it in the middle of the pit and light it up to get your campfire started.

Our camping chairs provide a comfortable place to sit when you gather round your campfire. We stock a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every type of budget.

Campfire Fun

No campfire is complete without some food to incinerate and there’s no better food to incinerate than the humble marshmallow. All you need to toast your marshmallows are a couple of clean, whittled sticks or some long barbecue skewers.

Spike the marshmallows on the end of the sticks, hold them over the fire and wait for them to brown, toast and caramelize. We recommend letting the gooey marshmallows cool down a little before popping them in your mouth. Scrumptious!

Other fun activities include telling campfire stories and gazing at the stars. There was a time when you had to rely on books to learn about the different consolations, but nowadays you can teach children astronomy by downloading a stargazing app on your phone.

Once the kids are tucked into bed, you can pour yourselves a glass of wine, sit beside the dying embers and toast the amazing job you’ve done as parents. You deserve it!

If you’re wondering what sleeping equipment to buy for your camping trip, we recommend our double sleeping bag for mum and dad and our mini sleeping bags for kids. If you’re looking for further information on the sleeping bags we sell, check out comprehensive sleeping bag guide.

We also stock a wide range of self-inflating camping mats which have an expanding memory foam core and come in a variety of thicknesses to create a comfortable sleeping surface.


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